Perry’s Auctioneers Sale Monday, 25-July-2016, 10:30 ET

Auction Monday, 25-July-2016

Catalogue of Sale – 25/July/2016, 10:30 ET

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1 duck cast iron 19th century American
2 forest animal cast bronze
3 Easy-cold plate with a drawing of the binder was painted by Kadishman
4 toy – running of snow with two riders, cast iron America twenties.
5 string Ambrim raw, length 102 cm. Weight 48 grams.
6 cast iron rocking toy twenties America – 4 parts
7 Orchestra painted ceramic heads turn with American, New Orleans, antique and rare.
8 Hand hammered copper bowl with ornaments around
9 Batia Magal woman sitting mixed media signed. 17X12 cm. framed.
10 pencil nanny and child, A.E.Briggs, 1930, Dimensions 22X14 cm. framed.
11 unidentified artist, watercolor, “A woman is dancing” 23X11 cm. framed.
12 pencil drawing of a seated woman, signature illegible. Pasted left corner. 1839. framed.
13 antique oil painting, boats at sea, a few paint peeling.
14 Ezekiel listed stock Streichman, “Chess Player”, signed front and back. Framed 19X15 cm.
15 small bowl with a lid. Armenian, unsigned and another dish of Armenian joint workshop. Signed 8 cm in diameter.
16 Armenian small plate with a special flower painting. Diameter 20 cm. Joint workshop.
17 experienced Samuel, Qatar 11 cm dish. And 4 cm cup sealed. Minor damage to the plate.
18 ceramic figure sculpture, from: B & G COPENHAGEN PORCELAIN MADE IN DENMARK signed. Height 20 cm
19 Arie Lubin, registered miniature ink and color on paper. Signed, figures 10.5X7.5 cm. framed.
20 Arie Lubin, registered miniature pencil and color on paper, signed, landscape. 8X6 cm. framed.
21 There is a sticker for New Year’s menu, coffee Tabor 11X7 cm. rare
22 Yuval Mahler “lawyer” acrylic on paper. 46X30.5 cm. signed. framed.
23 Mickey Eisemann, original painting, mixed media on paper, nude girl. Signed Michael Eisemann, 1980 21.5X16 cm. …
24 photograph, city inspectors recorded a parking ticket 17 August 1967. 25.3X17 cm.
25 signed lithograph by Chagall plate, front and back cover of Derriere Le Miroir in 1969 in Paris. …
26 cardboard poster, advertising and rubber tubes made K’botz plastic anchor, a few wrinkles at the corners Good + 35X25 …
27 Goldstein, an oil painting on plywood “Last Supper” Signed, 19X33 cm.
28 Goldstein, an oil painting on plywood “beggars” Signed, 29X29 cm.
29 Goldstein, an oil painting on plywood “klezmer” Signed, 29X29 cm.
30 four unsigned watercolor painted on both sides (Lubin? Holtzman?) 13X18 cm. All Ahd.cnrah sketches …
31, an act to Foster Karmiel Dance Festival 1989. 35.5X25 cm.
32A. Goldman, “Old Jerusalem”, mixed media on paper signed in Hebrew and English, 43 X30 cm.
33 Nahum Cohen, ink on paper, “parity” 29.5X26 cm
34 Totzinski portrait of Rabbi with Striml, colored pencil, signed in Hebrew and English. 35X25 cm. framed.
35 Zvi Rosen, variations on Moliere’s Miser 3. And gouache drawing on paper, 27X34 cm. 1980.
36 Zvi Rosen, variations on Moliere’s Miser 4. And gouache drawing on paper, 27X34 cm. 1980.
37 “Evening News, Special Edition, Volume 106, 24.7.1946” White Book published
38 Marc Chagall, Lithograph, cover of the book “Dessins pour la Bible”, Dimensions 36X26 cm.
39 Oil Painting, Cave of the Patriarchs, signed forties written in black marker back to Jerusalem, sealed. 12.5X17.5 cm
Laundry packs 40 five original packaging sixties.
41 four pins 935 silver, handmade filigree inlaid coral, Tork’z’m and Eilat stone, the 50-60 years. …
42 Seven Some 925 silver rings embedded. Weight 82 g
43 different silver jewelry inlaid with lubricant including lapis and coral stones. Weight 45 grams.
44 four pins 935 silver, handmade filigree inlaid coral, Tork’z’m and Eilat stone, the 50-60 years. Weight …
45 collected various fashion jewelry
46 Oriental giant antique silver, length 24 cm. With wire 64 cm, weight 131 grams.
Apparently pin 47 Chinese silver bird with a signed silver enamel work (closing requires correction) length of 5.5 cm.
48 five strings gems .arc 55 cm. Two smaller average 45 cm.
49 collected various fashion jewelry stamped fifties artist. Trifari, Miriam Haskell, Weiss
50 925 five silver bracelets gemstone. Weight 111 g
51 + silver Star of David necklace. Size: 7.5 cm. Weight: 17 grams
52 Ma’ariv, a second year First Supplement to the Knesset. Photographs of all members of the Committee. Tu Bishvat Ts”t in good condition.
53 Hourglass painted wood Chol.ndir !!! Height 32 cm. Qatar 16.5 cm.
54 Bear Old German will soon be 100 years old with original clothes. Length 68 cm. In good condition
There is a crystal plate 55, sleepwear money on language. Diameter 31 cm.
American tin sign 56 to raise funds for war. In good condition, 27X50.5 cm.
57 ceramic plaques 34X33 cm, “Spanish Castle”, made by the artist Jonsson.
58 50X41 cm. Woodstock N.Y. Anne B. Maitles oil on canvas attached to cardboard, silent. Signed and dated 49
59 Rosenthalis life, oil on canvas attached to cardboard, landscape. Signed and dated, 40X50 cm.
60 living Seton, called the cloth ‘fishing boat “Signed 16X25. framed
61 Tepler, watercolor, seated figure. 24X17 cm Signed.
Two Ltogrfiot early 62’s Naftali Bezem are signed and numbered
63 Bergner Lithograph “wall agitator” variation of brown and orange. rare! Signed and numbered A / P (without framing)
64 Bergner Lithograph numbered and signed a series of “birds” rare 70 years. (Without framing)
65 ceramic plaques 39X39 cm. One piece, “Rooster” signed Aviv Hadar
66 ceramic plaques 25X18 cm. One piece, “dancers” unsigned. Seventies.
67 ceramic plaque composition consists of several tiles. 44X45 cm.
68 David Hendler two pen and ink drawings. signed. 17.5X12.5 cm. framed.
69 Yuval Mahler, acrylic on cardboard, “prosecutor” 34X24 cm. framed.
70 collected five etchings of Bergner life of the Jewish town. Signed (slight foxing margin)
71 two albums of Pompeii and Venice. Beautiful photos
72 Book eloquent Przemeshl 1910 Good condition.
73 Cover Passover Haggadah Bezalel Jerusalem. Jerusalem Rebirth pattern. Good condition, few wine stains on the Haggadah
74 Passover Haggadah Cover Vienna 1932 original cover. Written in Hebrew and German
75 Haggada with decorated letters and drawings. New York 1928
76 Passover Haggadah published 40 years If”h Frnold. Good condition, cover slightly detached from the book.
77 Passover Haggadah of Trtz”o. Printing Rebirth
78 Passover Haggadah published by Zelkovitz Tel Aviv. Draw M.arih 1959
79 Menashe Ben Israel / Abraham Yaari – Tarshish Publishing, 1947
80 Toulouse-Lautrec lithograph – used book cover illustrations by Aristide Bruant Art Nouveau painter …
81 order issuing bank vigil London, soft wine stains on the Haggadah
82 bag of reality – Rings – Alarm – pendants and more. Some silver. Gross weight – 203 grams.
83 Egyptian silver bracelet Weight: 74 grams. signed
84 two silver cigarette holder. Average length: 7.5 cm
85 yellow string Ambrim (Sabha) Weight: 15 grams
86 Old silver bracelet Weight 68 g
87 Set of earrings, bracelet and necklace (required correction string) filigree, east of the 60th,
88 Pair Silver Earrings Weight: 25 grams
89 handmade silver necklace special Weight: 31 grams Length: 48 inches
90 Handmade silver necklace with amethyst stones Weight: 26.5 grams
Probably 91 Chinese dragons Bracelet (Silver Low) Weight 68 g
92 No. 10 Little Indians by Ruth Gerber
Big 93 school called Piotrkow 1932
94 Book Risha and Rsifa Jerusalem
95 Ancient Israel’s history book in Hebrew and in Yiddish
96 West facsimile of the Pig, a rare and numbered (No. 30)
97 Hidden Charm School viewer livelihood, missing pages
98 Memory typesetting printing Frotkin Jerusalem olive wood cover
99 Book Treasures of synagogues in Bohemia and Mohrbih printed in 1949 in Prague.
100 Booklet “made our country” with colorful illustrations lithographic, David Gilboa. Tel Aviv, 40s. Mode …
101 Foster of this movement (joined Rabbi Kahane) Size: 35X25. Good condition folded. rare.
102 Rubber pipelines advertising poster from “anchor”. Fifties, 34.5X25 cm. Several creased corners and two holes …
103 Paul Kor, Foster Company to the 1957 size 97X63 cm. Fair, wrinkles Nir, restoration at the far right …
104 Lot 3 Posters advertising, Israeli. 80-90 years. Good condition. Average size 90X60 cm.
105 poster advertising poster exhibition of the Museum of Jerusalem. Fair, 70X49 cm.
106 poster advertising a children’s play “The Scarecrow” Mughrabi in 1947, Fair condition, tear central crease, see …
107 Foster publicized children’s play Pinocchio 1954, 47X63 cm good condition, small tear double.
108 Yuval Mahler “Court” acrylic on paper. 40X70 cm. signed. framed. Mahler drawings in the book.
109 Nahum Cohen, mixed media, drawing bilateral (no glass consumed during framing) “circus” 30X28 cm. Signed on both …
110 Gerti Rubinstein, two-sided painting, watercolor and ink sketch, a series of etchings, signed on both sides. Wrinkles …
111 Lion balance, Watercolor, “Doors of Jerusalem”, the nineties, 37X28 cm. signed. framed.
112 Seaton life, put on parchment paper, “Rain in Jerusalem” signed framed.
113 Goldstein, oil on masonite “milkman”. 29X29 cm. signed.
114 Wood painting in wood (Inlay), Israel, fifties, 26X18.5 cm.
115 Tepler, watercolor, characters sit. 24X23 cm Signed. framed.
116 pencil and charcoal, woman, Sarah, 40X25.5 cm, signed Bigas. framed.
117 Van den Berg, oil on canvas attached to cardboard, “character”, 23X30 cm. signed.
118 Everett Safed, ceramic work, “Two Monkeys” 50-60 years. 31.5X22 cm.
119 Isaac Trakai, “at the bar” registered nineties, 20.5X28 cm.
120 m. Gadiel, watercolor, “Tiberius” 64X92 cm, signed.
121 Unidentified Artist “similitude by the lake” Oil on Canvas Size: 80X44 cm. Signed.
Qualifying two Ltogrfiot 122 of Bak, not framed .htomot and numbered.
123 Two Ltogrfiot early, “flower” of Bergner, not framed .htomot and numbered average size 70X50 cm
124 three early lithographs, “tools” of Bergner, not framed .htomot and numbered average size …
125 Two early lithographs, “figures” of Bergner, not framed .htomot and numbered average size …
126 Tuvia Beeri (v 1929), an original etching earlier. Signed and Numbered Size: 38X49 cm
127 Menorah campaign engraved copper-Dutch oil Chanukah on the outer cover and these are holy Henry “the menorah …
128-kiddush cup made silver-plated copper hammer, “New Bezalel” signed BH The most rare and numbered 1082 Height: …
129 silver tobacco box, a rare work of Josh excellent, European signatory. A minor defect side 8.4X4X1.5 Weight: …
European silver box 130, an Art Deco style 30 years, a combination of silver and gold bands lid box, and sapphire …
131 silver Torah School, a rare 40s. With the caption “This is the Torah that Moses …” And Moses’ Torah commanded us …
Money Box 132 matches Russia signed 84 Hundred 19 Nail work in good front and rear. Weight 37 grams. …
Money Box 133 matches Netherlands early twentieth century .tziidim in an inn sign. Weight 26 grams. Size: …
134 miniature violin bow and European silver. signed. Length: 7.3 cm, rare.
135 Armenian dish with cypress center and clusters Anbim- special example. Diameter: 20.5 cm signed PALESTINE
136 green thick glass plate, hand-blowing art, Qatar 29 cm.
137 green thick glass plate on a foot deep, hand-blowing art, locomotive 25.5 cm. Height 9.5 cm
138 artist-made bowl Krimkh signed. On a plate of ballet work environment phrase “sons of your father shall bow to you the Judean you …
139 four porcelain plates in various sizes, signed Limoges France. Decoration Zhbmsbib per plate and Hebrew state symbol
Eleven 140 Russian tanks sugar, salt, coffee, cedar and more. Large 14.5X10X10 5 cm. And six smaller …
141 Three old copper pots, with the engraving of the name is unclear
142 Three old enamel pots and other enamel pan, aluminum pan and Finnegan.
143 three cooking tools, wood and wood and metal combination.
144 older Americans Toolbox includes trunk.
145 drill combination of wood and iron there is in good condition including the original drills.
146 thirteen brass handles and combination of old porcelain painted with blue flowers. It took 15 cm base. Handle length …
147 Retro TV, 1970, JVC cream white, model 3241 Space Helmet style, with a base. Dimensions approximately: Diameter …
148 Two dishes with covers Boria, Germany old honey and sugar with the caption “happy new year”, height 10, 12 cm.
149 Porcelain sculpture group, probably European, mid-20th century model of romantic courtship scene between a man and a woman dressed …
150 two silver serving dishes, jewelers and silver baby spoon with congenital engraving of the name, time of birth, weight and length. …
151 old wooden tea trolley and glass shelving, walk-in glass upper with a door. In good condition Mad.midot 62 H …
152 newspapers facility wooden rolling seventies divided into three cells. Height 54 cm. It took 50 cm width 32 cm.
153 Old wooden image also stands on three legs. Height 180 cm.
154 wooden stools Tonto style with Aitori Inaly. Height 46 cm.
155 upholstered bench seats two people. Suited to playing a piano duet. Height 40 cm. Length 98 cm.
156 chair combination of wood and iron (according to the owner first chair was part of Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv.)
157 old metal charity box with a lock. Written in pencil on the front of the box “charity” in the top slot to insert money. …
158 silver tray twenties Nederland, signed with the signature of the artist. Length 19.5 cm. Width 15 cm. Weight 159 g
159 Old Israeli tin sign warning against mines, “Beware Mines”, 40X25 cm
160 Old Israeli tin sign “no entry, no photography allowed, the offender will be punished.” 38X24.5 cm.
161 elegant jewelry box inlaid with bone. Measurements 20X15X13 cm.
162 three games: reflection, crossword-time, and lottery club set to 48 participants. Original packaging.
163 Two toy helicopter, a car with a sign (handling and assembly required) SOLD AS IS. Original packaging.
164 Chinese perfume bottle, figure, made of bone from the East. Height 5.7 cm
165 first-aid kit in the 80-90 years, yet close to the original subject of the complaint. 26X15X9.5 cm.
166 which is a special crystal, art nouveau style, very thick, height 29 cm, 23.5 cm locomotive. A 12 cm diameter.
167 Old Pines square plate moved restoration. Montagnon was made by Gabriel 1899/1937, signed. 26X25 cm.
168 Candlesticks coated, modern design, height 26.5 cm. Width 18.5 cm.
169 833 Silver Candlesticks, fifties, modern design, signed by CG Silver, height 24.2 cm. Weight 335 grams.
170 Ofra artistic work hand-sealed foil Teppich Jerusalem forties
171 Cluster Amethyst, length 12 cm.
172 Retro Dutch brass chandelier perfect. Height 44 cm. Lower locomotive 51 cm.
173 Five wooden plaques with drawings Amber mosaic stones. Sizes. Great 29.5X18 cm
174 ceramic salt and pepper torch, 6 cm. height. + Ceramic salt and pepper signed “Israel” height of 10 cm.
175 Four old tin cars numbers – army, police, and private.
176 Cat American cast iron – the beginning of the twentieth century. Height 19 cm.
177 Old walks ,. Cutlery closed length 12 cm.
178 rubber doll Mayer (Mayer) clown plays Cinor.fgm easy height 25 cm neck.
179 Two booklets memories Bezalel Olive Wood Binding
180 bronze plaque, scene of athletes. 32X16.5 cm.
181 oil on canvas image – after Isidor Kaufmann, not signed, framed. Dimensions 60X50 cm.
182 Old watercolor painting, Paris, Untitled, signed unidentified artist. 30×23 cm.
183 Old oil painting on canvas “Indian Warrior on a Horse” probably in the 19th century. signed. An unidentified artist. Minor flaws. …
184 Edna Sobol, mixed media on paper, “Don Juan” – Moliere, theater LCD 1989 .midot: 38X28 cm
185 Photo Landscape 1956, oil on wood, unsigned. An unidentified artist. Size: 35X25 cm
186 print Tzrtzil according poses the greatest painters such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Toulouse-Lautrec and more
187 Holtzman, watercolor, figure. 33X48 cm.
188 Jonathan Gerstein, lithograph “gang” is signed, numbered and framed. 29X38 cm.
189 Tableau there is “Sea of ​​Galilee”, oil on canvas, unsigned, unidentified artist. 41X56.5 cm.
190 Old European landscape, oil on canvas, signed, unidentified artist. 55X80 cm.
191 Nahum Cohen, Mixed Media, “on the beach”, 45X60 cm. Signed.
192 Modern Menorah Made Oppenheim, a combination of copper and nickel, sealed. Dimensions: 20X11 cm.
193 silver kiddush cup, fifties. Weight 182 grams, height 16.3 cm.
194 perfume container shaped silver miniature piano, keyboard lid is opened for entering the perfume. On top Ctnb …
195 Russian miniature purse with a signed work of Niall 84. Weight 47 grams. 6X5.5 cm
196 Polish sky tower with a figure at the center and an eagle on the lid insert perfumes, 19th century, signed. Height 19 …
197 silver Chinese teapot with lid open, sealed. Weight 125 grams, height 10.5 cm.
198 Russian cup holder Special Nilo work, signed twenties of the 20th century. Weight 115 grams. Height including …
199 Two silver with blue glass containers plus 2 teaspoons mustard money used for filing, jam, mayonnaise, etc. Weight …
200 875 Russian silver powder round Total weight 72 grams. Qatar 7 cm.
201 Two cups of metal filing eggs. The legs are taken to unpack and assemble the cups egg.
202 silver kiddush cup, Rossi 84, 1872. signatory Jewish cupped known for drinking schnapps, weight 36 grams, height 5.2 cm.
203 Mezuzah collected five fifties, (Venus, flatten it, and made the country).
204 six silver spoons Long cocktails, sterling Mexico. Weight 35 g
205 five Iraqis with coffee spoons work Nialo- drawing camels. Weight 38 grams.
206 long iron rod with a bronze head of an owl. Is used to mix the coals in the fireplace. Length 50 cm.
207 gathered Yedioth Ahronoth and Ma’ariv dated March 26-27, 1979 the date on which an agreement was signed Hslom.bmtzb good.
208 Passover Haggadah published by Stematsky 1987 illustrated the painter Marc Chagall Molded Dimensions 31.6X24 cm.
209 woodcuts of Jacob Steinhardt, first edition 1959, catalog Riizonh
210 Song of Songs with paintings from. Lion cub. Dimensions 34X25 cm.
211 song and stylus. A poetry and dedicated work made engraver occupation and protection. A book of poems and woodcuts. Forehead …
212 Poland, “Time Of Stnoes” the story of ancient tombs in Poland. Printed in Warsaw 1983.mtzb-good, handwriting …
213 Passover Haggadah illustrated by artist Naftali Bzm- removal of the Mincer 1982 Dimensions: 41X29 cm.
214 posters of the book edited by Dr. Israeli chocolate fruit and Alain Weill. The book describes how using posters …
215 schools on the posters of the French artist throat describe the nightlife in Paris at the end of the 19th century by Dr. Israel …
216 Book tourism posters who described the resort places in Europe in the twenties the artist Rodger Schroders posters …
217 schools all movies Vcrlina Zeppelin as expressed posters published them. Edited by Dr. Israel Perry and Jean …
218 Isaac Trakai, “Works on Paper” book about his work in the last 40 years, the book is accompanied by three lithographs …
219 Crate reality – Carpet, silver knives, pitcher English, Brenner, copper plates, bills, collection of matchboxes and more
220 Crate reality – different ceramic items.
221 round-framed ceramic artist F.rot. Signed in ceramics. Qatar 20 cm.
222 bottle of very old Cherry Caramel closed with the original cork the years. 0.30 to 40 will be produced by Winery Rishon Lezion and Zichron …
223 First Mdtzinl brandy bottle. Kosher for Passover. Close with the original cork the years. 0.30 to 40 will be produced by the first wineries …
224 Antique bottle of wine, will be produced by Winery Rishon Lezion and Zichron Yaakov. Close years with the original cork. 0.30 to 40, …
225 deluxe scholarship wine bottle, closed with stopper years of the original. 0.30 to 40 will be produced by Winery Rishon Lezion and Zichron …
226 Old bottle Yiwu, Carmel, sweet vermouth, closed with the original cork 50s will be produced by Winery Rishon Lezion …
227 Two bottles of Carmel, white wine and the wine worked worked the red, closed with cork The original years. E. 60 will be produced by wineries …