Auction 7 Judaica and Objets d’Art 14-Nov.-2016 12:00 ET

Auction 7 –  Judaica and objects d’Art 14-Nov.-2016
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Lot Number Lot Title
103 Yohanan Simon (1905-1976), oil on canvas, 33X40 cm, “Resting in the Kibbutz”, signed in Hebrew and English on the front. Accompanied by a certificate from the artist’s daughter.
140 Round Torah Shield Handmade by Ludwig Wolpert. This shield was created during the artist’s work at the New York Jewish Museum and bears the museum’s mark alongside his signature. Enamel work done by the artist’s wife. Diameter 21.5 cm, weight 349 g.
152 David Gumbel, Latest Water Prayer, Sterling Silver, hand hammering, 3 parts. Weight: 509 gr., Height: 9 cm, Diameter: 18.3 cm. The cup and the punched plate are signed “sterling”.
191 Yochnan Simon (1905-1976), Brazil period, oil on canvas, 64×50 cm, signed and dated ’72’.
201 Mashe Berman, Abstract, oil on canvas, 100×80 cm, signed on the front and back, and dated ’99’.
202 Ilana Gelbstein, Abstract, oil on canvas, 80×100 cm.
79 A Set of 4 decorated Silver Kiddush cups “The 12 Tribes” that comes in an original wooden box. Every cup features 3 enamel paintings of 3 tribes. 12 enamel paintings in total. The painting of the Levy tribe is signed by the artist. The cups are signed.
190 Original Numbered Vintage GOYARD Leather and Brass Medium Trunk Shoes Suitcase
74 Very rare and beauiful Armenian large vase from the House of ohannessian, 40’s. Palestine, Stamped on the base No. 5. Height: 30 cm !, Diameter: 25 cm. Rare !!! (Shipping & Handling $180)
158 Polish Silver Besamim Tower, 19th century, in the shape of a flower vase , very unique, Weight: 264 gr., Height: 18.5 cm. (has been slightly restored). Very rare – hallmarked.
104 Peretz, “olive grove”, oil on canvas, 46X55 cm, signed on the front.
122 Meir Pichhadze (1955-2010), Early work “Night Walk”, oil on wood, 33X21 cm. Signed and dated 79 on the front.
141 Torah Shield modern sterling silver necklace with money. “Tree of life for those who grasp it” was made by the famous artist Ludwig Wolpert -Tel. 50-60 years. Height: 25 cm. Width: 22.5. Weight: 448.2 g
159 Polish Silver Goblet, 12 Tribes. Weight: 499 gr., Height: 20.2 cm, Top diameter: 11.3 cm. Rare.
187 Small Louis Vuitton leather suitcase, new inner upholstery, rare size, 40’s. Height: 18 cm, Width: 41 cm, Depth: 30 cm.
70 An exceptional antique amber necklace with large ambers, average diameter: 3.5 cm. Central stone is 5 cm. This chain features an unusual antique gold clasp with a dedication dated: August 8, 1851. Length: 60 cm, Weight: 304 gr.
162 Torah book, hand written with a uniform writing on a red/brown Gevil of a coarse beast like the Yemenite tradition. By the hand writing and shape of the letters, we could estimate that it was written approx. 250-300 years ago. This writing shape was done in accordance with the tradition of the Rambam. Gevil lenght is 56 cm. Yemen, 17th century.   
225 Original Vintage Italian Poster “Anisetta Evangelisti” Liquor by Biscaretti 1925. 138×98 cm (54×39 inches). Condition: Very good (A-) 
148 German Silver Oil Hanukkah Lamp, 40’s, featuring lions, stamped. Included in the catalogue of the Jewish Museum, New York (item No. 177), 25.5×22.5×6 cm, Weight: 914.3 gr.
218 Original Vintage French Poster for “BIC” Pens by Savignac 1951, 113×152 cm (44.5X59.8 inches). Condition: Good. A- B+ folds, creases
73 Unusual shape of an Armenian ceramic vase from the ohannessian family , 40’s  Palestine.Some restoration. Hight 26 cm. width 28 cm ! (Shipping & Handling $180)
121 Meir Pichhadze (1955-2010), Early work “Woman in Window”, oil on wood, 40X34.5 cm. Signed on the front.
81 Large sterling silver trumpet vase on dome foot. Made by Tiffany in New York,in 1913. Stylized and low relief H-51cm. W-1175 gr. Adam-style ornament: patter, vases, and palettes. The pattern (no. 18577A) was first produced in 1913.
87 Bronze sculpture “Dona Bella” by Bruno Luna (Norman bar David) Signed and numbered 50/50. H-78cm. Diameter 37cm.  (Shipping & Handling $350)
156 Silver container for ethrog in the shape of a bird Iraq 19th century.( A similar bird is on display at the Israel museum. Rare! H-8 cm L-9.5cm D-5.5 cm W- 108 gr
204 Kim Tkatch, “Vespa In Jerusalem”, oil on canvas, 120 x 170 cm.
214 Cassandre (1901-1968),  Original Alcohol Drink French Adverting Vintage Poster “Bonal” by Cassandre 1933  Very good A- 161×120 cm. (63.4X47.2) Linen backed.
226 Original French Poster Advertising “Jus de fruits Sojufruit” by Savignac 1955. 153×113 cm (60×44 inches). Condition: Good. A- B+ folds, creases
207 Limited Edition “The Lithographs of Chagall” by Julien Cain, Fernand Mourlot, with an Introduction by Marc Chagall. Including 12 Original Lithographs by Chagall. Published by George Braziller, New York, 1960. 1st Edition. 221 pages. Condition: Very Good. The dust jacket has same wear and tear around the edges.
65 14 KT white Gold set with 350-360 small diamonds of approx. 1 point each. Total: 3.5 CT, Weight: 6.25 gr.
153 Bezalel Brass shell with beautiful engraving by the master artist Bar Adon .Item no. 856 in the Bezalel catalogue Schatz 1906-1920
160 Antique Special Hand cut Copper Hanukkah Lamp, unique and rare item, unknown artist (option to hang it). Width: 29.5 cm, Height: 18 cm, Depth: 6.3 cm.
166 Old Wien, 19th century Silver, Enamel, and guilloche Box depicting a romantic scene in a Rococo style on top. Stamped on the inside of both sides: Head turning left, and “AM”. In perfect condition with no flaws or defects. H: 1.8 cm, W:  9.5 cm, D:  6.8 cm, Weight:  182 gr.
210 The Lithographs of Chagall Vol 2 (1957-1962) by Fernand Mourlot. Including 11 Original Lithographs by Chagall. Published 1963 by Arrangement with Andre Sauret, France. 209 pages.
219 Original Vintage French Poster Advertising “Dop Monsavon” by Savignac 1954, 109×159 cm (42.9X62.6 inches), Condition: Good. A- B+ folds, creases
69 Set of gold ring ,earing and a pendent set with center emerald, 30 point each and 48 diamonds 2-3 points each total of 1.3 Carat
71 14K Gold Tennis bracelet featuring a goldsmith’s artisan work, set with 55 diamonds of approx. 3-4 points each. Total approx. 2 carat.
76 Retractable French glasses. 18 KT set with 50 old cut diamnonds of 1-2 points, and an enamel work along the handle. Signed (see picture). Height: closed – 13 cm, opened – 17 cm.
107 Menashe Kadishman, “White Sheep”, oil on canvas, Signed on the frony and back. 60×50 cm. Framed.
123 Very Rare! Pair of “84” Russian Embossed Silver Candlesticks, Hallmarked and dated 1875, by J.A Goldman, 588 grams. Height: 27.5 cm
161 American Pewter Hanukkah Lamp, 20’s, rare. Width: 26.4 cm, Height: 24.5 cm, Depth: 9 cm.
205 Mahzor Worms – Facsimile edition. Magnificent 13th century hand writing. Including the exegesis volume. Thick perchament-like paper. Antique style Leather and metal cover, feautiring buckels for closing. Pages size: 39×31 cm. Very good condition. Comes in a box that is covered by canvas  (Shipping & Handling $150).
208 Complete set of Miro Engravings I-IV (1928-1983) by Jacques Dupin: Vol I (1928-1960): Copy 2477. Daniel Lelong editeur, 1984. Including 2 unsigned woodcut prints. 184 pages; Vol II (1961-1973): Rizzoli, 1989. Including 2 unsigned woodcut prints. 237 pages. ; Vol III (1973-1975): Rizzoli, 1991. Including 2 unsigned woodcut prints. 237 pages. ; Vol IV (1976-1983): Jacques Dupin and Ariane Lelong-Mainaud. Daniel Lelong editeur, 2001. Including 2 unsigned woodcut prints. 237 pages. International shipping: $100.
78 Hermes bag, black eith a small light inside. Ligh comes on when bag is opened. probably to find the keys when dark. In original Box 30 with handle 17 without x21.5 wide x9 depth all in cm.
124 Austrian Silver Candlesticks, signed “Alt Wien” in the 19th century height: 30 cm. Weight: 496 grams.
154 A Polish Silver Havdalah Tray, 19th Century with embossing of the sentence ” מצות ה ברה מאירת עיניים.” and in the center in Yidish  ” גוט וואך אונר גוט יאהר “.  On the back  there is Hallmarks N.H. 800 S.  Weight 618.5 gr Diameter 21.8 cm.
163 Silver Megilat Ester “Hamelech”, Special Filigree work. Hight of parchment 7.5 cm Length of housing 26 cm. Early 20’s century.
209 MANÉ-KATZ 1894-1962 – The Complete Works, Vol I & II by Robert S. Aries In Collaboration with: O’HANA, JACQUES. Published by Editions D’Art Jacques O’Hana, 1972.
215 Original Vintage German Poster for “Tobler Chocolat”, ca. 1925 , by Ludwig Hohlwein (1874-1949) Very good A- 118×83 cm ( 47X33 inches) Linen backed.
85 Eliezer Weishoff (b. 1938), “frog”, a bronze statue, height including base: 36 cm. Signed and as told 11/99. (Shipping & Handling $180)
44 Eva Samuel , Ceramic sculpture “The accordionist in good condition, signed. – 50’s , H- 29cm.
134 Two identical cups Ottman, Bridal – Engraved Art Nebo, signed by Ottman. Total weight: 155 grams. Height: 8 cm
146 Copper plated Bezalel Hanukkah lamp by Bezalel, Jerusalem, the back of the lamp features a relief depicting the cleaning of the Temple and an inscription from the bible. 20x20x6 cm. (Minor restoration on 3 candle holders)
229 Original Vintage French Children & Cats BEFORE LETTERS Poster by OGE, 1917. 126×93 cm (50×37 inches). Condition: Very Good. B+ to B. restoration along folds, creases.
43 Eva Samuel , Ceramic vase with ilustration. Stamped on the base “Rishon Le’tzion” 50’s ,  H- 22 cm.
80 Silver Russian goblet that features a special enamel work, 19th century, stamped “84”. Height: 13 cm. Weight: 176 gr.
109 Mane-Katz, charcoal on paper “Standing Nude” sealed. Dimensions 63X45 cm. Framed primarily with paper torn edges. Sold AS ls (shipping abroad without glass $ -150)
119 Leo Roth, “Twilight”, oil on canvas, , 100X81 cm.Signed.
131 Silver globlet with cover probably early 19 century,delicate engraving ,the base is weighted with wood for balance H-21 cm , with cover 28.5. Weight 506 total.
185 Louis Vuitton Sack, 70’s, with a monogram. Height: 82 cm, Diameter of the opening: 45 cm.
186 Louis Vuitton suit bag with a monogram, 70’s. Height: 99 cm, Width: 55 cm, Depth: 10 cm.
189 Original LIMITED EDITION (no 512) Louis Vuitton women european size 36½ Sneakers no 512 ,color blue in original box.
193 Yaacov Agam, Original Colored Drawing, 85 years to Tel Aviv, 1909 -1994. Signed
216 Original Vintage Swiss Poster Advertising “Nestle Chocolat” by Artigas 1950’s Very good A- 125x90cm (49×35 inches) Linen backed.
48 Tarkay Itzchak (1935-2012), “Sisters”, Mixed media on paper, 45.5×45.5 cm, signed on the front. Framed.
68 An elegant Art Deco white gold brooch. Measures approx. 2 1/5″ wide, Set with six 1-2 points old cut diamonds and one 8-10 point centre diamond.
91 Yom Ha Medinah’ “A Joint Publishing of Israel’s Newspapers: The People Declare The State of Israel” In good condition
128 German Silver Spice Tower, 835, filigree work, topped with aflag. Height 25 cm. Weight: 113 grams. Signed ‘C’ by an unidentified artist makred with Berlin Bear
130 “Megilat Ester” – “HAMELECH”  written on a fine aparchment , 21 lines. Hight 23.7 cm.
132 Kiddush cup Silver Bullet Alt Wien Signed with “13”, “1863”. Height 10.5 cm, weight 101 g
147 Polish Copper Hanukkah lamp Menorah 19th century by Leszek Nowosielski (1918-2000) H 22 cm W 20cm
211 Russian Propaganda for Peace “No More War”, 1962 , 60x90cm condition B+
213 Original Vintage Antique Italian Advertising Poster MARTINI – TORINO ROSSI – Dudovich 1950. Very good A- . 110 X99cm (43X31 inches) Linen backed.
220 Original Vintage French Poster for”Air France Colis Postal Avion” by H. Morvan, 1950, 100×62 cm (39.4X24.4 inches), Condition: Very good. A-
228 Original Vintage French Poster Advertising “Source Parot” Mineral Water 1920’s. 121.5×198 cm (48×78 inches). Condition: Very good. (A-)
157 Silver Ethrog box, Poland, ca. 1920. Height: 13 cm, Length: 13 cm, Depth: 10.5 cm. Weight: 448 gr. Signed.
40 Silver plaque, Algires, 1940, used as a Torah cover. Weight: 101 gr., Length: 20 cm, Average width: 14 cm.
49 Grégoire Michonze, “Village Scene”, 1978, Oil on canvas, 26×34 cm, signed and dated on the front. Framed.
60 Ivory figurine of Chinese merchant, early 20th century. Length: 12.7 cm
84 Table Lamp French Art Nouveau. Etched glass lampshade-style shades of green ‘Discover’, iron base ironclad French artist’s work. (Shipping & Handling $220)
89 Tin Advertising Sign In Hebrew – “SHEKEM – Service The Protectors Of The People “, 1960’s, 132X95 cm  (Shipping & Handling $300)
99 Kahane, Oil on canvas,Abstract ,  38X46 cm.
101 Menashe Kadishman, “White Sheep”, oil on canvas, Signed on the frony and back. 25×25 cm. Framed.
106 Jacob Eizensher,(1896-1980), ” Abstract Landscape”, Oil on Canvas, 34X24 cm. Signed in the back and the front. Framed.
108 Jan Rylaarsdam (Dutch, 1911-2007), “Bar women”, 1943, Oil on canvas, Signed on the front and back. 49X39 cm.
118 Genia Berger, ‘Horse Riding’, oil on canvas, 92X73 cm.
127 German Silver and Filigree Spice Tower featuring a Star of David, “Crescent and Crown” and “835” stamps, Four bells and flags, plus a flag on the top. H: 24 cm. W:105
143 Silver Bezalel Hanukkah lamp, 40’s-50’s, the back of the lamp is decorated by lions  and a menorah. “Bezalel Jerusalem” is inscribed in the front. H: 16 cm
149 Art Deco Copper Hanukkah Lamp by the famous German artisan Felix Horowitz, probably 1930’s-40’s, 23×25 cm
155 Small Silver Ottoman Ethrog Box, end of 19th century, stamped. Weight: 360 gr., 15x15x12 cm
165 Copper Hanukkah lamp for travelling, 50’s-60’s, decorated by 2 lions in a Art Nouveau style.
217 Original Vintage French Poster on paper Advertising “Perrier”, published in the 80’s by Bernard Villemot (1911–1989),  61X43cm, Very Good condition A-

221 Original Charlie Chaplin Italian Movie Poster “Il Grande Dittatore” by R. Casaro, ca.1960, 138×100 cm (54.3X39.4 inches). Condition: Very Good A- Folds No paper missing. Colors are fresh
222 Original Vintage Swiss Travel Poster “Lugano”, 1950’s by Buzzi, Daniele, 1950’s, 128×91 cm (50.4X35.8 inches). Condition: Very good (A-) 
224 Original Italian Poster Martini Vermouth Bianco by M. Dudovitch, 1950’s, 98×69 cm, (38.6X27.2 inches). Condition: Very good (A-) 
227 Original Vintage French Advertising Coffee “Caffé Foschi” by Rusa, 1930’s. 140×100 cm (55×39 inches). Condition: Very good. (A-)
63 14 karat white gold ring mounted with 2 Emeralds 0.2 carat each and one Saphire 0.2 carat and 12 diamonds 1 point each. W-3.2 gram.
66 White gold 14K (585) ring set with 8 small diamonds and an antique Coral. Diameter: 1.5 cm, W: 7.3 gr.
45 Menashe Kadishman and Oded Feingersh, Mixed media on paper, 69×49 cm, Signed on the front by both artists in Hebrew and English. Framed.
52 Pocket lady rolex 18 KT gold watch. Stamped in the back Rolex, 18KT, Initials of owner and a serial number. Diameter 3.1 cm , Total weiht 19.40 gram.
55 14 KT vintage Gold ring, set with 132 diamonds, approx. 1 point each. Total 1.32 CT, and a central red stone. Total weight: 4.80 gr.
58 Antique Amber pendant, in the shape of an elephant, with 18 Kr chain holder. Length: 3.5 cm, Height: 2.5 cm
72 A retro gold ring 14 Karat with a center pearl around 7 mm. diameter set with 9 diamonds approx. 0.4 carat. W-9 gr.
75 A Small Tray Decorated with a Duck By Marcel Janco. Signed in the back .  21.5X 16.5 cm.
82 Yelllow Parker Mandarine fountain pen, Lady Duofold,with triple band, 1920’s
83 Montblanc fountain pen, 18K nib
86 Modern aluminum sculpture of two parts, signed and numbered 1/6
93 Tarkay Itzchak (1935-2012), “Nude”, water colors on paper ,  80’s. 38X56 cm.
96 Tarkay Itzchak (1935-2012) Acrylic on canvas. Signed , 90’s “Friendship”, 95×94 cm.Signed
100 Israel Ziv, “Abstract Landscape” Oil on canvas, 87×87 cm. Signed, dated 2000.
102 Zvi Schorr (1898-1979), very early oil on canvas painting , “Interior with Flowers Vase”, 61X47 cm
105 Kim Tkach, oil on canvas “Three Women”, 25×35 cm, signed on the front.
111 Isaac Trakai, “Women in the cafe”, mixed media on paper, eighties, 50X35 cm, signed on the front. Framed
112 Dudu Geva 1950-2005, Joseph, Acrylic on Canvas on board, 18×13 cm, Signed
120 Evert from Tzefad. Ceramic painting of a Cock. 30X26.5 cm. signed in the back “Evert Tsefad”.
133 Iraqi kiddush Sterling Silver Cup (925), 3 pieces, plate, cup and lid. Plate and glass are signed. Overall height 13 cm, 8 cm height of the cup. Weight 143 grams.
135 European Kiddush cup Early 20th century (1905), relief of an angel. Weight: 76 grams. Height: 8 cm
136 Filigree Kiddush cup and Stars of David, signed the back – Jerusalem – Made in Palestine. Weight: 58 grams. Height: 7.5
137 Russian Kiddush Cup with Neill work depcting a castle. Height: 8 cm Weight: 79 g. 84. 1873. Signed Artist -O.C
138 Eliyahu Kiddush Cup 800 Silver19th century Art Nouveau Ornaments German artist Eugen Schroder. Length 14.5 cm – weight: 147 g
139 19th Century Silver Kiddush Cup Decorated with Cluster of Grapes from Eastern Europe. Hallmarked, Height 11.5, Top Diameter 7 cm, Base Diameter 6 cm, Weight 72 g.
145 Silver plated Hanukkah Lamp with engraving by Arie Ofir, 70’s-80’s, from one side there is a depiction of Jerusalem and its surroundings, the other side depicts the first Hanukkah holiday, 28x20x5.5 cm
167 Chinese Silver Card Box, featuring a dragon relief, Special concave shape and narrow lid. Stamped “NM”, “85”, and an unspecified symbol. H:  4.6 cm, W:  8 cm, D:  1 cm, Weight:  60.2 gr.
168 19th century Round Silver, Enamel and guilloche Snuff Box, depicting a courting of birds. Stamped 84 plus more stamps. H: 2 cm, Diameter:  4.4 cm, Weight:  49.2 gr.
169 Round Dutch 830 Silver Snuff Box, Relief depicting two putti enjoying a peaceful moment with a musical instrument. H:  2.5 cm, Diameter:  6.5 cm, Weight:  75.7 gr.
171 Silver Snuff Box, Beautiful Enamel and Niello work, French, 19th century. H:  1.3 cm, W:  8 cm, D:  4.5 cm, Weight:  75.8 gr.
172 Dutch Silver Snuff Box, Relief of Putti on top and sides, 19th century. H:  3 cm, W:  9.7 cm, D:  4.5 cm, Weight:  162.3 gr.
174 Russian Silver Snuff Box, Beautiful Enamel work, 19th century. Inscription in Russian on the bottom, signature and stamps “MPN” on the inside. W 49 gram.  6.1X3.5X1.5 cm.
184 Set of 2 Limited Edition Unisex Special Pop Swatch Haute Couture (1989) NEW. In Original Box, Black and White
192 Zvi Schorr (1898-1979), very early oil on canvas painting , “Interior with Flowers Vase”, 45X37 cm. Signed on the back.
199 Moshe Rosentalis 1922-2008, Oil On Board, “Family” 25×17 cm
200 Van den Berg, Oil on cardboard, “Flower Vase”, 58×38 cm. Signed on the front, framed.
203 Kim Tkatch, “Red Vespa”, 21 x 30 cm, oil on wood. Signed by the artist
206 Chagall Lithographs series IV (1969-1973) including 2 original lithpgraphs by Chagall. Edited by Charles Sorlier, Fernand Mourlot. Editions Andre Sauret, Monte Carlo, 1974.
212 Original Vintage Israeli Poster for “Mifal Hapayis” Lottery by D. Reisinger , 1953, signed in the plate, 1953. Linen backed, 65X45 cm in Very good condition condition A-
223 Original Vintage French Lithograph for a Billiard Game by Oge ca. 1900, 32X54 cm (12.6X21.3 inches). Condition: Very Good A- tiny corner missing color fresh
36 Bezalel Silver Mezuzah, stamped “Israel” and “Made in Palestine”, made by Sokolka. Length: 8.5 cm
57 21 Karat gold Buchari Pendent , mounted with Center Garnet and small pearls. W- 6 gr.
67 A pair of antique Gold and Silver earrings, set with 24 old cut diamonds, approx. 2 point each, and a 2 central old cut diamonds of 15 point each.
64 14 KT White Gold set with a central pearl, 24 old cut diamonds of 1-2 points each, and two 5 points diamonds on the edges. Length 3.8 cm, Weight: 4.75 gr.
98 S. Boneh, “A Man and a Bull”, 1965, oil on canvas, 19X24 cm, signed and dated on the front.
94 “Harlequin and Drummer” by Biella, Oil on masonite, 73X60 cm, signed on the front
126 Silver Spice Tower shaped like a Dutch windmill and topped with a flag, Europe early 20th century. Height 13 cm Weight 59 grams.
39 Silver mezuzah, 40’s, signed “Jerusalem”, filigree and etchings on the sides. Weight: 24 gr., Length: 10 cm, Width: 2.7 cm.
41 Antique Dutch Passover plate by , 19th century
42 Brass Picture Holder by Szlagman, Made in Palestine – Stamped 18×12 cm.
47 Jacob Wexler (1912-1995), “Two Figures”, Oil on canvas, 24×20 cm, Signed on the front and back with the studio’s stamp.
50 Reuven Rubin, Signed and numbered lithograph 53/200, “Jonah and the Fish”, 62×48 cm, Framed.
51 Shaul Ohali, “Village Landscape”, Oil on canvas, 49×69 cm. Signed on the front. Framed.
56 White gold Hamsa shaped pendant, 14 KT, set with 22 diamonds, 1-2 points each. Weight: 2 gr., length: 2 cm.
61 Antique Ivory bracelet carved by an artisan. Diameter: 8.7 cm, Weight: 47 gr.
62 Antique Islamic Silver bracelet. Outside diameter: 9 cm, inside diameter: 5 cm, Weight: 135 gr.
77 Rare leather doctor’s bag in a very good condition. Height: 28 cm, Width: 41 cm, Depth: 20 cm.
88 Round tin advertising sign for a drink Tempo sixties. Diameter 37 cm. Very good condition, minor scratches
90 Hamishmar’ Newspaper “With 33 Votes in Favor and 13 Against The Partition Plan is Approved. November 20, 1949
92 Palestinian dress, emboidery with silver threads, very old, 20’s. Size: Medium/Large. Height: 125 cm.
95 Model by Isaac Tarkay, watercolor on paper, 34X25 cm, signed on the front.
97 Jano 7 small portraits, 1989, Gouache on Paper mounted on wood panel, 9.5X50 cm, signed and dated on the front.
110 Abigail Yoresh, “Characters Landscape”, oil on canvas, 32X26 cm, framed.
113 Wilhelm Wachtel (1875-1952), Pencil Drawing Traditional Yemanatie Family. Signed: W.Wachtel. Dimensions: 16X20 cm
114 Nahum Gilboa, “Brands Transfer Camp”, 1931, signed and framed. Dimensions 26 X 41 cm
115 Nahum Cohen, mixed media on two attched cardboards “Beach Scene”. 80×60 cm. signed.
117 Early work by Avi Schwartz, oil on canvas . Dimensions 34X21.5 cm
125 An ivory pointer 17 cm long.
129 Silver Spice Tower by “Radad”, 1950’s – Very Rare  (Due to the fact that “Radad” hardly made  Silver Judaica  Mostly Silver Plated!),, with bold inscription “Boreh Minei Besamim” in Hebrew. H: 15 cm
142 Antique Ethrog box, octagonal shape, made of olive tree, carvings of the Western Wall and The Temple Mount, various inscriptions, a relief of 2 olive tree branches and a book with a blessing. Comes with a key and could be locked. Height: 8.5 cm, Width: 16 cm, Depth: 10.5 cm.
144 Copper Hanukkah lamp, handmade by Yossi Genzel, 60’s-70’s. Height: 16 cm.
150 Miniature copper Hanukkah lamp. Handmade by the students of “Ort Jerusalem”, 60’s. Length: 10.7 cm, Width: 1.5 cm, Height: 1.1 cm. Rare.
151 Vintage German Silver and Rostfrei “Crescent and Crown” Bread Knife 19th Century with Hebrew inscription L-28cm.
164 An antique vessel for making Matza Shmura – on the top side, there is a relief of the word “Passover”. On the underside there are bump in various heights for embossing the matza.
170 Round 925 Silver, Enamel, and Filigree Snuff Box by Klein, Israel. Diameter:  5.1 cm, Weight:  65.6 gr.
173 Antique English Tortoise Shell probably 19th century Snuff Box. Quite rare to find. H:  1.8 cm, W:  7.6 cm, D:  4.9 cm, Weight:  27.4 gr.
175 Fish shaped snuff box, made of tortoise shell, special opening from the side, 2 small holes around the mouth. Length: 6.5 cm, Width: 3.5 cm, Weight: 19.5 gr.
176 Silver snuff box, Judaica, etching of the Old City and the Western Wall, England, Birmingham, 30’s-40’s. Width: 6 cm, Depth:4.3 cm, Weight: 39.6 gr.
177 925 Silver Snuff Box, relief depicting the old city of Jerusalem along with an inscription “Jerusalem” in both English and Hebrew, Filigree work on the sides. Stamped on the back: “I.M. Fain, Made in Israel, 925” and a Star, hallmark. H:  1.5 cm, W:  4 cm, D:  2.5 cm, Weight:  21.6 gr.
178 Silver tobacco box, Middle Eastern style decorations, filigree, Signed. Very good condition. Diameter: 6.3 cm, Depth: 1.5 cm, Weight: 31 gr.
179 Signed violin “Stradivarius”, featuring the original bow, signed inside the violin: “Antonios Stradivarius Cremonesis, Faceibal  Anno 1713″. Including an original wooden box, made in czechoslovakia, probably 150 years old.
194 Menashe Kadishman, “Binding of Isaac”,  pastel on paper, 41×29.5 cm, signed on the front.
195 Menashe Kadishman, “Woman”,  Charcoal on paper, 36×28 cm, signed on the front.
196 Menashe Kadishman, “Binding of Isaac”,  graphite on paper, 33×26 cm, signed on the front.
197 Menashe Kadishman, “Self Portrait”,  graphite on paper, 35×27.5 cm, signed on the front.
198 Advertiding poster for the musical “Kazablan” at the “Alambra” theatre. Starring Yoram Gaon. Produced by Giora Godik. Painted by Yoram Kaniuk. First presented in 1966.
35 Silver German Mezuzah, hallmarked 800 Crown and Cresent moon, turn of the century, Weight: 20 gr., Length: 10 cm
59 Antique necklace made of Silver balls  of various sizes and antique Corals. Length: 54 cm, Total weight: 75 gr.
116 David Hendler, “Portrait of Aviva Uri”, graphite on paper, 35×25 cm, unsigned – Accompanied by COA from Yona Fischer.
180 Set contains two watches from Napoleon and Josephine(Aiglon and Aiglette). 1994 Fall Winter Collection Ravage Set GZS05PACK1 set of two Swatch Watches
46 Milia Laufer (1923-2008), “Landscape with a Lake”, Aquarel on paper, 20.5×28 cm, Signed on the front. Framed.
53 Bezalel silver brooch embosses around: “Bezalel” and “Jerusalem” in Hebrew and English. In the back, a pin to attache it to the jacket. Stamped 925 for Silver. Diameter: 22 mm. Very good condition.
54 Bezalel Silver plated copper pendant with the Ten Comandments. Stamped “Bezalel Jerusalem”.
181 Limited edition Phil Collins suitcase with 2 Swatch watches (SWATCH GZ180), an LP record (Wake Up Call), and pictures from his concerts. The edition was first released in 2003. This copy is numbered 6371/9999. Never been used. 
182 An original chrono Swatch, in an original box, new. Swatch Chrono SCZ 103 UNlimited chronograph special watch 1995 for UN 50 years
183 An original Swatch watch, black & white, in an original box, new. White Hours & Black Minutes GZS10PACK
188 Louis Vuitton Tennis Raquette cover with a monogram. Length: 26 cm, Width: 26 cm, Depth: 5 cm.
38 Sterling Silver Mezuzah, 925, the name “Vered” is etched. Weight: 51 gr., Length: 13.3 cm
33 Silver and copper Mezuzah by EFIM, Zefat. Length: 9 cm
34 Sterling Silver Mezuzah by Bier. Weight: 27 gr., 9.5×3 cm
37 Modern 925 Silver Mezuzah, hand sawing: “You are blessed when you come and go”. Length: 16 cm, Weight: 36 gr.